Covington, Tennessee Police Department Space Needs Study

The City of Covington’s police department is currently housed in facility constructed in 1957 originally used for a city hall, subsequently a fire station was added and its current configuration is for the police department and the municipal court.

When reviewed, the building needed numerous repairs to address roof leaks, sewage issues, mold & mildew, undersized HVAC systems and the lack of badly needed spaces such as a vehicle sally port, interview rooms, appropriate security and the need for evidence drop off, processing and storage space.

CPS was retained by the city to conduct a special needs assessment. Working with the Mayor Hanson and the Police Chief, CPS analyzed the department’s structure and services and developed a 30 year spatial need projected for 20,444 square feet. This space was broken down into nine critical areas and addressed current and future policing needs as well as anticipated growth.

The current facility site as well as four additional sites in and around the city was examined for a potential new facility. The study reviewed each site and made recommendations for each site according to how well they would be appropriate for a new facility. The city is using the information to negotiate for one of the sites which will be the site of the new facility.


C. D. “Buddy” Lewis
Chief of Police
Covington Police Department
133 E. Pleasant Avenue
Covington, Tennessee 38019